Face recognition process – Basic steps

Face Recognition

It is a process of identifying or analyzing one or more persons facial features in gallery or videos. It is an important part of biometric, security, image and video indexing systems.


Steps in the face recognition work flow

A set of previous images will be stored in  the database i.e., gallery

Processing:  In this step, feature extraction takes place. To store information about each face.

Learning/ modeling: A machine learning algorithm is used to fit a model of faces in the gallery. This step basically differentiates among the other faces in the gallery.

Classifier:  It is a model to recognize the input images. We use ecoc classifier.

Machine learning definition in my own words would be-We use a large amount of data and produces a program to perform a task.

There are two types of learning supervised and unsupervised.

Supervised learning: This happens when there is defined input and output. There are two types based on the classification of output

  • When the output is continuous it is termed as Regression
  • When the output is discrete it is termed as Classification

Unsupervised learning: When the input taken is in the form of clusters then it follows unsupervised learning principles.




Student Social Responsibility

Hey all,

How many of us spend time on service these days? How many of us go to school and college where we studied when we bought up? How many of us bother to social service to change the situations or to increase the standards of life of other people?

In our country there are many children who do not go to school, there are girls who drop their education in between due to different reasons. When will our country stand first for literacy if this is the situation?


So here we formed a team of six girls(Abhydhay camp) and planned to work for school students in a village where there is no proper guidance for the students. So we went to a village and spoke to the parents with some government teachers regarding the reasons for not sending their children to school. We spoke to primary school students and made them understand how to communicate and respect each other.



Primary school students


We had a career guidance session for the high school students by letting know them the various opportunities that they could find after their schooling. We had our attention to younger girls and shared them ideas on how to deal with situations by sharing the stories of some successful women. We assured them our presence whenever required by sharing our contact details.



High school students


This camp was done for two days and I felt that it will definitely have an impact on at least 4 out of 10 and a great experience for us. ss1Our work is like a drop in the ocean, it might not change the whole statistics but definitely have its impact on some corner.

I wish every citizen should do social activities which impacts and all these drops of work together forms a water body.






And here we do our actions without any self-thoughts. And that brings you the true happiness.



I don’t know any adhyayas from Bhagavadgita or any moral lessons and history of the past. Heard about a camp Gitamritam through my club and applied, got selected to attend the camp after the interview.

What does one expect from the Gita classes for one week long? And that too from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm? Here is the Gitamritam camp co-ordinated by Dhyanji and Sankar sir and many other volunteers who have sacrificed their time and energy for the event.


In the camp, we had these activities – Gita classes, yoga sessions, my life my passion by one successful person from the society, yoga nidra, adventure activities like rappelling and rope walk, bhajans, team discussions followed by reflections. But, out of all these what did I learn? Here goes the answer to the question.

bamboo walk

I would like to mention five reasons for depression, by which one gets to know how to overcome it. And I feel these will be the answer to many of your questions at times.

  • Joy follows sorrow and sorrow is followed by joy(basic principle).
  • Every object/person undergoes change.
  • There is something always better than the current one you have.
  • Every object or person loses its capacity or dies as the days pass.
  • No object/person can give you 100 percent happiness.

Here are the other points which caught my attention and I started to get the control over them.

  • One should not be a thief in a society. Here the thief is the one who only takes from the society but doesn’t contribute to giving back to the society.
  • Should have the detachment from the results of your actions -Strive your best and leave the output of your action to the GOD.

“Your actions are the worship of the GOD and the results are the prasad you get after your darshan.”

I don’t know how many learnt so much from the camp or got out of depression. But for me, this camp has shown the solutions to many of the issues that we face in day to day life and that makes Gitamritam special.

Hope the moral lines that I have learnt in the camp helps me to survive better and pushes me forward when I face the dark part of life.



Ruby Conference India 2018

It has been a while working with Ruby on Rails  following online tutorials, by following the suggestions of senior members in the community.  The more I work on the more it took me deeper to its world.Then I came to the know the dates of Ruby Conference which is to be held at Banglore through the community.

Ruby conference where people from different places come here who have a great passion, interest and has done a lot with it.Taking it to be a trail I have sent a sponsorship request letter to the KRUG community in my society.As they know my interest and involvement in the community they asked me to send my work till date and after few days. After few days I received a ticket to attend the conference.


Yayy!!!So finally attending the conference. First I have to complete all the permissions from my college and I did this very fast. And second I gave a cfp form for a lightning talk. I should start with a good topic for three minutes and need to convey them something really important to them. Black chains, the evolution of Ruby, History of Ruby, Mystery of RoR, and so on… but finally this struck me up what if I give a talk about Opensource and RGSoC which is an amazing platform for women, beginners, open source enthusiast. And now I fixed this up.So my final aim to convey my message to everyone who is there within three minutes.A challenge again:-)

Finally, Started with the first day of the conference and this is my first conference. So I am excited to get new ideas, meet different people and explore!Ok..the started and stage was taken up by the speakers.

Screenshot_20180209-162604.pngFinally there came up lightning talks. And I have to give the talk. A bit tensed but noo.I am not going to spoil it. I have to convey what I prepared to them And there I went on with some inspirational words given by Gautham Sir.After the talk received really good reviews and many girls liked the idea RGSoC and met me if I could explain them more in detail.


This the link of my talk https://youtu.be/0rOaoVHbJAQ


So a two-day conference was really awesome where I got exposed to new tech through the speakers and I even spoke to them to know about the work in detail.


One of the speakers in the conference

I attended this conference with my pair for RGSoC Nimmy, I know her through the community. We share our knowledge, attend meetups and conferences.  And this how we applied for RGSoC as a team.






A Trip with Friends

A trip  excites most of us.But why should we have trips?In my point of view if it is a trip you move to a different place where you get to know a lot of new things which includes their culture,their food(We taste the food that is famous in that area;)),their tradition etc…So when me move from our place to another place we get a new experience and will definitely learn something.We have our trips with family,relatives and friends.

A trip with friends!!!It sounds more excited right…If it is the first one you are doing it then there is no word to hold your feelings with.

Yeah…even we(six members) had a trip to Aruku and Vizag.Of course it is one of the district of our state and not that distant place.But we taught trip is trip and this is gonna be our first trip and let us make this trip so good and successful so that we can plan for many trip ahead.

So when we decided to have a trip at first our parents should agree to this so that is a big deal and it worked out.All of our parents said yes,you can go and that gave wings to us.But we should have a proper planning so that we don’t encounter any troubles at moment.

So here started our trip from Hyderabad to Vizag and remaining friends joined us on the way of train journey.So we went to one of our friend’s house and got freshed up and only we in the house so here starts the fun again.Six members so two bed rooms and we spread ourselves by taking out chits;). And then funny tasks and passed that night.Next day we should go to some other place to take a bus for Araku as we don’t have a proper idea of the place we got up early(I never did that till date.But it is memorable now)and took a cab and went to the place.This is we at 4 am waiting for cab.screenshot_20180105-1726353.png

So that day we went in a bus to Araku and first visited botanical gardens(Here we saw different types of flowers grown there) then to tribal museum(Here there is a photo gallery of the tribals which shows the way of life of the tribals and saw some statues made which showed their life style) then we saw tribal dance and followed by lunch.Next we saw coffee plantations and black pepper and then borra caves.And that’s it for that day.


Second day we visited some places in Vizag like Simhachalam temple(Narasimha swamy temple),Fishing harbor(We saw a variety of fishes and how they are bought to the harbor and how it gets processed from there)screenshot_20180105-182414.png.

After that we went to Kailasagiri and then R.K Beach(Of course enjoyed the best at this place). screenshot_20180105-194032.png

After that to the central park(musical fountain attracted us here) end of the second day.

Third day we met our friend and wished for his birthday and had fun because of the funny accidents that happened and those made us laugh for so long.And that is all for the trip which is memorable as it is all of our first trip with friends.

Everyone of us should plan to have trips as it freshes our mind and gives an exposure to various things.



Visit to Orphanage and Old age home.


We might have often heard people saying that I have given so and so amount as donation for orphanage and Old age home.And sometimes we even find people collecting money by their own interest and giving something to them what they could.

There are many great people about whom we have read about that they have spent their life in sharing love and caring towards diseased and deserted.One such person I would like to mention is Mother Teresa.

Have you ever got a thought to visit an orphanage or to donate something what we could??

I have never been to such place till October 18 2017.I feel thankful to FOSS club for taking their as a part of our service and extra curricular activity.

What I found there???

Till that date I have never been to that place but was told by mom to donate something that you could when you find people collecting money for any organization or for needy.

We first went around the old age home,there we saw people how they were taken care with love and served with hands of good wishes.There might be people who feel bad because their children have sent them there.But those attenders over there are really affectionate towards them. At this point I have got a doubt why do people forget how they have come up with the sacrifices done by their parents?The present you are today is only because of them.This should be remembered by everyone.It doesn’t matter how big you are you,your status,your finance etc… without this.

There I have found a old woman whose age is around 105.She could do all the things by her own and she can also remember people and reply to the questions we ask.I feel that only her will power make her active and that makes stand her own.And I believe will power is the most efficient thing which makes us move further.

And next we had lunch over there only.After that we just went around.And then some of us danced,played songs and conducted games for the girls over there.Just have a look I have mentioned girls but not children over there.Because I have not found even a single boy over there.It is not that they should be left.But here the question is why are only girls deserted and abandoned??

We conducted some games like musical chairs,damsharaths,box passing and some small games.What I found interesting was even when they were out in a game none of them cried.But they turned up with a smile.This shows how positive they are and this would really help them in life.

So finally learnt a lot that day.And I decided to visit such places frequently.I advise everyone to go and spend time and this makes you learn many things.



Rails application

After the environment setup is done for rails and now we can start with our applications and small blogs.

Before we start with our first rails app,Let us first check with our installations i.e., ruby and rails.So use the following commands.

ruby -v
rails --version

After checking this we start with our work,Now open the terminal and start and if you want to create that at some specific place then open that directory.And now let us start!!!

rails new script

This means that we want to create a new folder named script.a1


A lot of things will happen now. Rails will create all the files and folders you need for your project, plus download some gems. Gems are plug-ins for making your life easier and we’ll talk about them later. This process may take a minute or two depending on your internet connection.

Now open the folder you have created

cd script

What happened till now?

Rails has just generated a lot of files and folders for us.Now our job is to code in it to get the expected output.There are many code editors like sublime and atom you can open anything and proceed the work.


It displays different files in this way where we need to code in.

Hey,the most important part before we start a project and doing it is planning and timing only these both show us where we reach and how fast we reach.According to me these both are the two important factors that turns us.So it is better for us to have a clear idea before taking a step in anything.So here we are going to create a list of jobs and insert the url and these gets saved into a database.

Before we move forward with our application we have to first see whether we have the required gems to move further.

For this we need gem kaminari, and now we should open vendor/gem file  in the folder and make the necessary changes.


Now there we add the following:

gem 'simple_form'
gem 'kaminari'


When we write something,we should first save the changes else our work goes in vain.Do save the changes every time you do anything.

And now gems are ready to be installed. To download them to your project, go back to your terminal and type

bundle install

So whenever we add a gem to a gem file then run the above command in the terminal.

Now we will proceed our work with models,views and controllers.

Our first model is a Job model and it has three columns (ignoring the job number column) which are title, company and URL. We’re going to store them all as strings.

We can store data in any format we want such as numbers, booleans and dates. But now we want strings format so we are going with it.

In the terminal,we type:

rails generate model Job title:string company:string url:string


This creates files that are needed for our site and will be very helpful.

let’s update our database with our  new Job model. In our terminal, we type :

rails db:migrate


Even though we have just one job model, we have two different pages on the site. We have a home page (or index page) and an add page (or new page).

add your controller and views

We only need one controller at this point — solely dealing with the listing and addition of jobs. Just like with models, Rails makes controllers conform to conventions. Controllers are lower case and plural — so for this it would be “jobs”, “users”, “bookmarks” or “photos”.

Lets go back to our terminal and type in:

rails generate controller jobs index new

Rails is generating a controller called jobs and we’re also creating index and new pages with that controller.

For our site, we want to add in some URLs for going to different page. We have two particular pages that we want to go to. The home page and the add a job page.

To add these URLs we need to go back to our code editor. We need to find the file inside the config folder called routes.rbjb3

Here we can add our URL’s.

resources :jobs
root 'jobs#index'


Lets go back to the terminal and run our code. Type in

rails server

We have a website! If we go to or http://localhost:3000 in our browser, our code will run. It’s not much, but it’s something!


 Saving our models

Go to app/models/job.rb in our file

You will find a single line code there so now we add a little more to it!


And now go to –  app/controllers/jobs_controller.rb

Even here there exist some previous code return by us and now we add little more to it.


Job.new means “hey, Job model, can we make a new one of you?”. But what about the first bit “@job”? This means send the new job we’ve created to our HTML so we can use it.

Next we go to – app/views/jobs/new.html.erb

We are going to add the code here too


What this is doing is making a form for the new job we made in our controller with the columns in a particular order that we want. Save the file and refresh the page and you’ll get something like:jb9


So far we got this,we will be able to fill this form and when we click on create a job it doesn’t and shows us an error.

Again, Rails has conventions. Whenever we have a new page, we submit the form and it goes to a create page. The create page is where the form data gets checked against the validations and if it passes, saves into the database. If it doesn’t pass, we want to show the form again with errors.

We actually have three pages on our site: index (home page), new (form page) and create (actually add the data from the form page).

Let’s go back to our jobs controller and add this create page to it. I’ve added in the following to our controller:jb10

So we’re creating a new job from our model, then if it saves, go to the home page (Rails likes to call this the “root path”), if it doesn’t save, render (or plainly, show the user) the HTML view called new.

Let’s change one line in our create method to add this form data in. Change line 10 from:jb11

What we’re saying here is make a new job from the form data but only allow jobs to be submitted with title, company and url data.

Now when we add in a new job, it should go back to the home page. That’s great but the last problem is that we can’t see any jobs on the home page!

The home page

Remember that Rails calls our home page the index page. Think of an index as being a list and in this case, our home page is a list of jobs. In our controller we want to get all our jobs in our database to show our users.

Let’s change our index page in our jobs controller from:


Here we have the home page getting all the jobs from the Job model and sending it to the HTML view as @jobs (we could name @jobs anything we want by the way, @all_jobs for example).

Last thing we need to do is add those jobs to our home page’s HTML.Go to:app/views/jobs/index.html.erb

Let’s change all the text in index.html.erb to:jb14

We added a job earlier but there will be multiple jobs in here so we want to loop over each job and do some HTML with it. Let’s change all the text in index.html.erb to:jb15

Firstly, we have a title at the top called “Jobs” — that’s not anything special, you can change “Jobs” to “London jobs”.

The mid part is a loop. It takes each individual jobs from the controller and adds some particular HTML for each one. If there are 5 jobs, there will be 5 <div> tags with the class “job”, each with a <h2> tag and a <p> tag inside.

The last part has a tag called link_to. This is part of Rails and will make a link that goes to the new job page. There’s some magic underneath it all but it saves you from having to write <a> tags yourself.


We can click  on“add a job” and fill in the form again.


For a better look we add this:

Go to:app/assests/stylesheets/jobs.css.scss

replace the text there with


And now get back to the local host and find the page.

And that is all!!!